1. Game Overview:

  • A fusion of the strategic elements of a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game with the puzzle-solving mechanics of a Match-3 game.
  • Players engage in real-time battles while strategically solving puzzles to gain advantages on the battlefield.

2. RTS Elements:

  • Base Building: Players construct bases and gather resources in real-time.
  • Army Management: Train and command units with different abilities and strengths.
  • Territory Control: Expand your influence across the map through strategic decisions.

3. Puzzle Match-3 Elements:

  • Puzzle Grid: A match-3 grid is integrated into the gameplay, representing magical runes or symbols.
  • Resource Collection: Matching symbols on the grid generates resources or activates spells.
  • Tactical Boosts: Successful puzzle-solving provides temporary boosts to units or unlocks special abilities.

4. Integration:

  • During battles, players simultaneously manage their armies in real-time and solve puzzles on the match-3 grid.
  • Matching specific patterns on the grid may unleash powerful spells or impact the outcome of battles.
  • Strategic use of puzzle-solving can turn the tide of a battle, adding a layer of depth to traditional RTS gameplay.

5. Example Title:

  • “Mystic Conquest: Rune Wars”
    • Command armies, build bases, and harness the power of ancient runes in this innovative fusion of RTS and Puzzle Match-3 mechanics.

In this mechanic fusion, the integration of RTS and Puzzle Match-3 elements offers players a dynamic and strategic experience that requires both quick decision-making on the battlefield and puzzle-solving finesse. The fusion creates a synergistic relationship between the two distinct mechanics, providing a fresh and engaging gameplay experience.